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Better understand activity tracking

OPen source Health activity kit

This open source project intends to allow users to discover activity tracking and how it works. By creating an open platform that counts your steps, and measures your heart rate, we hope to help demystify these technologies and allow users to tweak, change, modify, and create all possible data streams.

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Open, Open, Open

  • BLE: Using the Simblee 32bit BLE/MCU module allows for awesome features, and is fully Arduino compatible. It enables long battery life, and easy use, including wireless programming. Yes, we know it is EOL…

  • IMU: The Bosch BMI160 is the same IMU that is integrated into the Arduino 101 - 6-Axis IMU

  • PPG: Maxim MAX30101 offers high sensitivity, adjustable LED output power and multiple wavelengths. Designed specifically for wearables, and can capture PPG, and SpO2

  • Breakout: In addition to 3V, GND, and the Simblee Reset pin, 7 unused pins on the Simblee are broken out including TX and RX for wired firmware updates and wired Serial communication.

  • Lights: RGB LED for full color blinky blinks

  • Battery Charging: USB input provides Lipo/Li-ion charging to a battery connected via 1mm JST

  • Watch Band: The PCB has an integrated pin capture feature for any 18mm watch band. Go Nuts!

  • Protected: The 3D printed case encloses the PCB to protect it. Design files are online for you to mix, modify, and share.

Up to date files and code for the hardware and smart phone apps are available on GITHUB